I Heart Whistler

I’m writing this as I sit on our hotel balcony, sipping coffee, and gazing at stunning snow-capped mountains.

Morning Views


I had intended to post a training update before arriving in Whistler for Ironman Canada, but it’s fitting that I didn’t have time to do so. Unfortunately, that has been the theme for this training cycle – having the best intentions, but not being able to fit it all in.

In any case, Whistler is everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. The views are incredible, and looking up at mountains never gets old. Today is my “be a lazy tourist day” in Whistler, so keep your eyes on my Insta stories (@stefgranlund). I should have some great pics, as we plan to ride the gondola up the mountain and then take the peak-to-peak from Whistler to Blackcomb.

Jon and I arrived in Whistler on Wednesday, and after two big travel days (we drove to New York and flew out of Newark to Vancouver on Tuesday), I am very glad to have an extra day in the schedule to relax. Yesterday we got a lot of our “to do’s” done – athlete check-in, picking up my bike from Tri Bike Transport, spending a small fortune at the expo. Tomorrow, I will do a few shake-out workouts and drop my bike and gear bags, so I want to really savor being able to relax and unwind today.

Olympic Rings at the Expo


Finally, to answer the FAQs I’m getting over text and Facebook: yes, I am nervous; the water temp is 69 degrees; and race day weather is going to be hot (mid-90s).

Checking Out the Swim Venue/T1


I hope that my next post is about my successful completion of a third Ironman, but you never know what race day will hold. My goal is to smile and enjoy the day, and not worry about my time. Stay tuned!







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