Two Month Countdown to Whistler

I haven’t posted a training update since March. Two weeks after publishing that post, we found out that one of our two dogs had a serious issue with his heart. Within two months of that diagnosis, we had to let him go. His kidneys were failing and, I’ve learned, it’s very difficult to treat heart and kidney issues concurrently. He was almost 13, which isn’t that old by Yorkie standards and we thought we had many more years left with him. It’s obviously been a very difficult time for our family, especially me. When I first moved to D.C., before I had a job, or met my husband, it was just the two of us all on our own. He was the best snuggler and always greeted me when I got home from a morning run. My heart is broken.


I’ve never made this blog about my personal life. It’s always been focused on my training and racing (and sharing a few recipes) and I don’t plan to change that now. But, sometimes, life interferes with training. And sometimes it does so in a very big way. Over the past two months, I’ve missed a bunch of training sessions and many of those I’ve done have lacked focus, with my mind wandering to other things. Ironman training is never perfect and I’m not going to beat myself up given these circumstances. It is what it is and that’s going to have to be good enough.

Despite all of this, with just about two months to go until Whistler, I’m actually feeling quite positive about my bike. I did my first triple digit ride of the season at the end of April (103 miles with 7,000-ish feet of climbing), followed by the Tour de Skyline (210 miles with 18,000 + feet of climbing over two days), and then the Mountains of Misery century last weekend (which ends with a four-mile 12%–16% graded climb to the finish). That gets me four triple digit rides already for the year, with lots of climbing, which is just what I need for Whistler!

Skyline with the besties!


Skyline 2018!

My running is fine, in the truest sense of the word. Nothing to write home about, but no major concerns either (knock on wood). I’m hoping it will stop raining at some point this century so that I can get out for a few good trails runs. While I’m focused on Whistler right now, I intended to finish my first 100k trail race in the fall!

Swimming is swimming. I’m actually looking forward to the open water swim at Tupper Lake Tinman later this month, since that water is gorgeous and it will be my first open water swim in 22 months. Hope I don’t sink!

So, that’s where things are for me on the training front with a little less than two months to go until IM number 3!







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