March Training Update

I am long overdue for an update on the blog and, unfortunately, I finally have time to post one because I am on a bit of a training hiatus, but let me back-up a bit.

After a shitty year on the training/racing front in 2017, I was super excited to get started with my 2018 training. On tap for this year, I plan to do the Tour de Skyline in May, Tupper Lake Tinman in June, and Ragnar Trail West Virginia in August, all of which I have done previously. My two big races for the year are Ironman Canada in July, which will be my third Ironman (God-willing), and attempting my first ever 100k trail run at the Cloudsplitter 100 in October. As part of my bike training for Whistler, I’m planning to do the Mountains of Misery ride with Megan in May. 

Part of the issue I had with getting my training done last year was motivation – I wasn’t really excited about anything. So, that I’ve taken care of with the schedule I mentioned above. I am truly excited about all of these events and I want to be in good enough shape to enjoy them. The motivation is there.

The other major issue I had last year was time, which is especially challenging with the work I do. My job is not a 9-5. I have a lot of weeknight and weekend events to attend and I have no offsetting flexibility during the week.

This year, I switched gyms in an effort to make workouts more convenient to my office. I can get in the pool there an entire hour earlier than my old pool, and it’s only 5 minutes from my office, so my commute is already taken care of before I swim. On the really big workout mornings, I pack coffee to drink along with my Bobo’s bar on the way to the pool, so that takes care of breakfast, too.

I started back with a real training schedule on 1/1 and while the 4:30 a.m. wake ups were a shock to the body, I loved being tired and sore from training again.

Back at it on the treadmill.


Unfortunately, I only made it through about 2.5 weeks of training and then injured the cartilage in my ribs (totally a freak injury). Rib injuries are painful. I would say I wouldn’t wish one on my worst enemy, but truthfully, it’s the perfect thing to wish on your worst enemy! It’s that bad. Even sneezing hurts.

I took a few days of total rest and then was able to do some work on the trainer, but I didn’t swim for almost a month and only did a few baby runs in that time.

Actually missed being in the pool during the rib injury.


I finally started getting back on track after the injury and then my routine was disrupted again when I went to California on a work trip over the long President’s Day weekend. I was working 18 hour days on this trip and really just wore my body down. I took a red eye home that Tuesday and then went to a work event that same day. I didn’t let myself have any downtime and I think it just all caught up with me.

I ended up getting sick and just couldn’t get better. I would have one okay day, and then exercise for two hours and work a ten hour workday and wonder why I felt sick again the following day. I actually took a sick day from work and stayed in bed an entire day (my first sick day ever at this job), but even the day home didn’t do me any good.

I tried getting out for a run one Sunday afternoon, but regretted it on Monday when my cold was worse again.


I finally got to the breaking point and went to local urgent care clinic. The NP who originally greeted me in the exam room was lovely, but I guess she was in training. Her boss came in – a spunky older lady – and read me the riot act. She basically yelled at me and told me that I have a “Type A” personality and needed to give my body a break or I was going to end up with pneumonia. She told me I wasn’t allowed to run for 8 days. I replied “how do you feel about swimming?” and I actually thought she might reach across the bed and grab me by the neck and kill me. This woman meant business. I left with five different drugs and strict orders to rest. Not what you want to hear with less than two months until Skyline.


Rest for any more than two days is too much and I am currently driving my husband and coworkers crazy because I don’t have training as an outlet. 

For my sake, and theirs, I hope to be back at it soon! 


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