It’s been over one month since the Ironman and my life still hasn’t returned to “normal.” I don’t mean that in a bad way, or even a good way, but in the BEST way! Lots of exciting things are happening and I’m looking forward to sharing them on the blog over the coming weeks and months.

One of the biggest pieces of news I have to share is that I’m joining the fabulous, talented team of coaches at Machine M3 to help out with their Youth Triathlon Team!


As you may remember, last winter, I decided one of my big goals leading into the 2015 season was to work on my strength. A few people had recommended TRX to me and I was intrigued, but a little intimidated. My friend Cassie teaches TRX at Machine M3 in Vienna, VA and she encouraged me to try a class there. I’m so glad she did because I tried my first TRX class at Machine M3 in February and haven’t looked back! TRX is now a regular part of my training routine. Not only has it helped me improve my swim, bike, and run, but it’s something I look forward to each week because the classes are fun and social, too. M3 recently added yoga to their scheduled as well, and I’m looking forward to mixing some yoga into my routine in the coming months.

While up until now, I’ve been a “student” a M3, that is all about to change. Starting next week, I will be helping Andrew, the head triathlon and masters swim coach at M3, with their elite group of youth triathletes. I’m so thrilled about this opportunity. I have a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm to share with the athletes and a lot to learn from Andrew and the other coaches. I can’t wait to get started!

The great thing about the youth team at M3 is that the athletes have the opportunity to come together for in-person, coached, group workouts several times a week. So, even though triathlon is an individual sport, M3 athletes get all the benefits of being on a team – the camaraderie and support of teammates during training and racing, and the motivation that comes from pushing each other to improve and succeed. I wish I could have joined a team like this when I was growing up!

I’m so excited to start working with the athletes and to follow their progress throughout the 2016 season. If you live in the area and want to learn more about any of the M3 programs I’ve mentioned, visit the M3 website at or like M3 on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Coaching

  1. I’m so excited for you, Stephanie! You will be a great coach. You have such passion and enthusiasm for the sport. Machine is a great group. Stephen trained with them one summer (for duathlon) when we lived in VA.

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