Exciting News!

I am so very excited to join the Bobo’s Oat Bars team as a brand ambassador!

I first discovered Bobo’s over the winter and I have been hooked ever since. They are vegan, non-GMO, and absolutely delicious! I use them when I need a quick breakfast or snack on the go (they are perfect emergency purse snacks) and for fuel when I’m cycling.


There are so many flavors that it is hard to pick favorites, but I’d say my top five are Apple Pie (gluten free!), Cranberry Orange, Lemon Poppyseed (gluten free!), Almond, and Peach (gluten free!).

Bobo’s bites are smaller versions of the full-sized bars and make great snacks! They would be perfect for packing in school lunches as a nutritious and delicious alternative to cookies.


Several of the flavors are gluten free (and I have to say I honestly can’t taste a difference between the gluten free and “regular” flavors).

If you haven’t tried them yet, you should!


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