Ready to [Rock ‘n’] Roll!

One of the highlights of my year last year was running an 11-minute PR at the Rock ‘n’ Roll D.C. half marathon in March.

I shocked myself by running a 2:00:14 at that race just one week after finishing an intense Team HPB tri camp in Tucson. I had hoped to run something in the 2-teens, if I had a good day, so I didn’t even believe my finish time, as listed on the race website, could possibly be correct (I ran without a Garmin, so I had no idea what my time was when I crossed the finish line). I had my husband check the site himself to see what time he saw next to my name. I sent a screenshot of the results from my phone to my coach, asking her if it could even be right. It was right. I had an amazing day and I have thought back on it many times since.


On my way to a huge PR at last year’s race.



The 2015 race is Saturday and I actually feel ready. I say “actually” because, like a lot of people, I often struggle with doubts and insecurities before my races. However, before I ran Richmond in November, I tried to focus on positive thoughts. I had to force myself, but it worked. And, since it worked there, I’m doing it again here. I believe that I am going to have a great race on Saturday.

I’ve done well at this race previously. My prior half marathon PR was a 02:11:31 at the same race in 2012. I also ran the race before it was a Rock ‘n’ Roll event, back in 2011, running a 2:15:34 (I had registered for the race in 2013, but was unable to start due to an injury). If all goes according to plan, I will run the race a fourth time on Saturday. It will be the only race I’ve run four times. I know and like this course.

I also ran a great ten miler last weekend and my last long-ish training run, which I did yesterday, went well. I think I’ve finally settled on shoes that work for me – my Hoka Cliftons.

My nutrition is better now than it has ever been. I’ve also been working on my strength and I think I’m going to start reaping the benefits of all of that hard work.

I’m going to focus on my hydration and getting plenty of sleep this week and we will see how I go. My best-case-scenario goal is to run a sub-2:00 half, but even if that doesn’t happen, I just want to run a strong race, start-to-finish.


I’m prepared to fight for a sub-2:00 finish. 



I’ve done what I need to do and now I just need to execute come race day.



8 thoughts on “Ready to [Rock ‘n’] Roll!

  1. So excited to hear how your race goes. Knowing the course and the logistics is a huge advantage – frees yourself of stressing out over that so you can feel ready and focused! Go get em! P.S. love that race photo from last year – you look so intense!

    • Thanks, Kelli! I like the photo, too, except I wish they hadn’t cut my head off. Jon tried to pay someone to photoshop the top of my head on and it was awful! It looked like I was wearing a toupée! That photo is never seeing the light of day!! HA!

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