Final (Positive!) Thoughts Before Richmond

A few days ago, Alyssa replied to an email of mine with an email that said “POSITIVE THOUGHTS ONLY!” (emphasis in the original). That was the entirety of her reply message.

She’s right (as always!).

Leading into races, my natural inclination is to focus on my doubts, fears, and shortcomings. On everything that could go wrong. I’m a worst case scenario kind of thinker.

But Alyssa is right that now isn’t the time for doubting. It’s not the time to dwell on my insomnia, or my knee acting funny, or my past marathon disappointments. It’s time to start reminding myself about everything that has gone right during my training. And, a lot has gone right.

I’ve nailed some really tough training runs despite the insomnia. Don’t get me wrong, there have definitely been some not-so-great runs, too – but there have been several that I can’t believe I completed. For example, I’ve never been a huge treadmill runner, but over the past two months, I’ve finished several long treadmill runs with building pace.

Looking back at some photos and results from this year reminded me how much I have improved as an athlete since I ran my last marathon in November 2013. There is no way I could have completed those treadmill runs last year. I have had a great season, no doubt. I finished two half ironmans, took 11 minutes off of my half marathon PR, and survived two intense Team HPB triathlon training camps. I made it to the top of Mt. Lemmon!!


Me, at the top of Mt. Lemmon. One of my biggest accomplishments of the year (above). At the finish of my first half iron-distance race, Ironman 70.3 Syracuse (below).


I am stronger and tougher than I was this time last year. That is true, no matter what happens in Richmond on Saturday.

So, it’s “POSITIVE THOUGHTS ONLY!” from now until the finish line. 26.2 or bust!


8 thoughts on “Final (Positive!) Thoughts Before Richmond

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