I am thrilled to announce that I am a 2014 brand ambassador for MooMotion!

I recently started talking to Melissa Moo Harkins, the founder of MooMotion, about representing her women’s multi-sport line. After only a few emails, I knew this was something I wanted to do, not just because the gear is awesome (more on that below), but because Melissa really “gets it.” If you saw my recent post about juggling, you know how much this statement about MooMotion speaks to me:

Melissa dedicates her line to the women who balance work, life, play… while still making the time and effort to go the distance.

Melissa’s line is intended for real women who are trying to do it all. The kits are designed to be flattering on a real woman’s body. You will not feel like you are stuffed in to a sausage casing wearing these clothes! Melissa wants to make sure her customers are 100% happy and comfortable in her gear. She wants feedback – positive and negative – on the clothing, so that she can continue to keep meeting her customers’ needs. That dedication and attention to detail shows in each of her stylish, comfortable, and functional kits.

Trainer ride in the Rosa kit.


Style: Each piece has unique design elements. For example, I love the neckline and the detail at the bottom of the Madison cycling jersey, the back of the Rosa tri jersey, and the back of the Serenity tri top. The colors are very rich jewel tones – violet, navy, ocean blue. The kits are extremely flattering.

I love the sleek neckline on the Madison cycle jersey. 

photo 2

The unique back of the Serenity tri top.

photo 4

Comfort and Functionality: The kits are the most comfortable I have ever worn. They are comfortable even after hours in the saddle or on the run. There is no pinching, pulling, or rubbing. No bad seam placement either. As I’ve already mentioned, the kits are flattering on real bodies. For example, the Malika top is a little roomier in the tummy area, while the Revolution short is a bit longer than your average tri short (more of a cycle short length, but with a tri short pad). No matter what your body type, you will find pieces in the MooMotion line that will work for you.

If you love pockets, you will love MooMotion! The Rosa short has mesh pockets on both sides. You can fit several gels in each pocket, your iPhone, or whatever else you need during your workout or race. The tops have back pockets and an extra hidden pocket in the bra for you to stash a gel or key. Again, the kits are made for real women with real schedules. We are often training before sunrise or after sunset, so the reflective details are a very thoughtful touch.

The Revolution short has pockets on both sides and a reflective strip. 

photo 1

The Rosa tri short has two mesh pockets for gels, your house or car key, or even your phone.


The Serenity tri top (shown inside-out) has a hidden inner pocket for a gel or key.

photo 4

I hope that you will check out the MooMotion line, if you haven’t already, and give something a try. You won’t be disappointed!


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