Now that New York is over, I’ve started thinking about my race schedule and goals for next year.

I still have one more race this year, but that is totally just for fun. I’ll run the North Central Rail Trail Marathon later this month as a relay with a friend of mine. It’s a gorgeous course and I am looking forward to just enjoying the scenery on one last long run for 2013.

After that, I’m not racing at all until January 1, when I’m running my first 5k in over a year and a half. That race is step 1 on my journey to improving my running speed in 2014!

I’ve basically been the same speed since I started running regularly in 2008. I did my first race in 2009 (a half marathon that is only two minutes off of my current half marathon PR) and then my first full later that year. That full is still my marathon PR four years and three marathons later!

Considering the hundreds of miles and hours I’ve put in to my running since then, the fact that I haven’t gotten any faster is definitely frustrating. So, I’m really looking forward to working with my coach on my running speed in 2014!

(Side note: Speaking of coaches, I have a new coach! I’m very excited to be working with Team HPB’s Alyssa Godesky next year! She is an amazing athlete and person and I’m really excited to see what we can do working together in 2014.)

My other big goal for 2014 is to improve my swimming. I am consistently at the very back of the pack in the swim at all of my races. I’d like to be able to start the bike not so far behind the other girls in my age group. I know this is going to be really hard for me – not only physically, but mentally too – but I know it will be worth it when I’m racing next summer. I’m thinking I need to pick out some cute new suits to use as rewards for lots of time spent in the pool this winter!

Those are two of my big goals for 2014. There are others, too, like surviving tri camp in February, finishing my first 70.3, improving my mental toughness, and trying to eat healthier.

I’m going to try to think about these goals this winter, when I’m waking up at 4:30 a.m. to go to the pool, or doing speed work in the dark, or freezing riding my bike outside in the cold. I know I can’t achieve my goals unless I’m willing to work for them.

In that spirit, I’m printing out this Saucony ad and taping it to the cabinet above our coffee pot:




3 thoughts on “Goooooooaaaaaaallllll(s)!

  1. Way late to comment on this, but I love the Saucony pic at the bottom and am totally stealing that for winter motivation! I’m also looking to focus on shorter distances and speeding up in 2014!!

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