Ragnar Relay – Part I: The Friendships

I have so much to say about participating in the Ragnar Relay this weekend that I think it’s going to take me more than one blog post. So, I will start with the best part – the friendships.

This was such a great experience for me on a personal level. I loved spending time with friends, getting to know some of the Moms Run This Town ladies better, and meeting many amazing new people.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Ragnar, it’s a 199 mile relay race from Cumberland, MD, to National Harbor in Washington, D.C. (National Harbor is actually in Prince George’s County, MD, not in D.C., but I’ll let that one slide). Each team has 12 runners and you take turns running portions of the 199 mile course through the night, starting on Friday morning and ending on Saturday afternoon. Each 12-person team is split into two 6-person vans. So, even though you are on a team of 12, you really spend the bulk of your time with the five girls in your van. Each runner runs 3 legs of the course. The legs were as short as 2 miles and as long as almost 10 miles. Depending on the combination of legs you run, you can run anywhere from 13 miles to over 20 miles during the course of the race.

My team, Moms Ragnar This Town, was made up of members of my Moms Run This Town chapter, the running group I’ve previously raved about on this blog. I joined the group back in January and I have really enjoyed having a running support system in my neighborhood.

Our team had a GREAT time together over the weekend – lots of cheering, even more laughs, and many hours in the van getting to know one another better. Here is a photo of our exhausted, yet ecstatic, team at the finish line yesterday:


Our team colors were purple and orange (“poppy” for us Oiselle girls) and we all wore orange flowers in our hair. The flowers were a gift from our team captain, Kelli, who I did the Reston Century with last month. We didn’t plan it this way, but the orange flowers really helped us find one another in large crowds throughout the course of the weekend!

Oiselle Lux Layer, Arm Warmers, and Stellar Stripe Tank in poppy; Oiselle Team singlet; and Moms Ragnar This Town orange flower (below).


Our team on day one, minus one (Sarah was running her first leg when we took the photo) (below).  



This photo includes another one of the Moms Run This Town ladies, Gretchen, who ran with another Ragnar team (above).

I ran my last leg with Sarah, who first told me about Moms Runs This Town and invited me to join the group (below).



Sarah and I on the run (above).

As an added bonus, during the race, I had the opportunity to meet several ladies from the Oiselle Team!

Oiselle Team pics.


Oiselle Team member, Stephanie, and me on Friday (below). We met through Twitter and she stepped in as a last minute replacement for an injured runner on our Ragnar team. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know her over the last couple of weeks!


For me, these personal interactions were the highlight of what was otherwise a very challenging weekend.

I am so lucky to have spent time with these ladies and I look forward to many more running adventures with them in the future!


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