This weekend I will be racing in the CheasapeakeMan Bugeye Classic in Cambridge, Maryland (the home of the Eagleman 70.3). The Bugeye is slightly longer than your standard Olympic distance tri. Unfortunately for me, the longest leg is my worst discipline – the swim – which will be 1.2 miles in the Choptank River. The bike is 25 miles and the run is 6.2 miles.

I signed up for the race over the summer but recently was debating whether to do it or not because of marathon training and the fact that I have plans to be away the next three weekends in a row (and I know I get tired and cranky when I am out of my routine). But after a relatively decent 18 mile marathon training run last Saturday, I decided to go for it and just have fun.

I’m blogging about this tonight because tomorrow I will be leaving the house at 5 a.m., so I can work from 6-2:30 and then drive to Cambridge for packet pick up and to check my bike into transition. I think it’s at least a two hour drive and I have no idea where I am going or what I am doing, so I need the early start. This race has two different transition points which adds another layer of complexity I’ve never dealt with before so it will be a learning experience, if nothing else. I’m just hoping I put all the right stuff in the right spot so I don’t end up biking in my sneakers!

The course is supposedly flat and fast, so it should be a fun day. And it’s a wetsuit swim which should help me too. I’m hoping it’s not too cold on the bike, but packing layers just in case!

Sunday, I’ll be doing a shorter run (12 miles) and then Thursday I’ll do my first 20 of this year. So, the next week will be challenging for me, but hopefully a lot of fun too! I’m also sending in my deposit this week for tri camp in Tucson in 2014! Lots of good stuff going on right now!



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