New Bike

I have been so ridiculously busy the past couple of weeks that I have totally slacked off on blog updates, even though I actually have a bunch of exciting stuff to report!

First, I got a new bike!


It’s my first tri bike ever and one that I have had my eye on for quite a while. I loved the pink, purple, and aqua accents the first time I saw it, many months ago at Tri360 in Arlington, VA.

My husband and I have talked about me getting a tri bike before, but other, more important things have always come up. Usually an unexpected expense associated with the house, car, etc. So, I had sort of put the idea out of my head, thinking I would stick with my road bike (with clip on aero bars) for at least the rest of this year. Then, randomly, two weeks ago Jon called me and said he was going to buy me a tri bike! It was really totally a surprise to me that he was even thinking about it! He’s the best!

I am obviously very excited about the new bike. I’m still waiting to get a bike fit, so I’ve only taken her out once thus far, but I’m definitely planning on some quality time in the saddle once I do. Hopefully, I’ll add some great pics of me flying by in a blur in the future! 🙂

I also got my new Smash Team HPB kit this week, which I am totally pumped about. It’s gorgeous and just-so-happens to match the new bike perfectly!


I also finished my longest ride EVER today – 4.5 hours – followed by a 3 mile run. (The funny thing is that the more I train the less I understand how people are able to finish a full Ironman. It’s completely incredible to me!)

I also did this ride solo, which always takes some extra motivation. I’ve been riding with company a lot lately, which is great, but I also want to be sure that I can rely on myself to get through tougher workouts and today I did that. More to come!

My final piece of news is that I registered for the CheasapeakeMan Bugeye in September. It’s sort of an odd distance – 1.2 mile swim, 25 mile bike through portions of the Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, and then a 6.2 mile (supposedly flat) run. Since the swim is my weakest discipline, this will definitely be a test for me.

I was debating about whether or not to try to squeeze in a fall triathlon because I am running the NYC Marathon in November and that is my priority race for this year. But, after talking to my coach about it, I decided a shorter triathlon should be okay and, maybe even a good thing, since I got injured when I switched to only running last fall. Hopefully keeping the other two sports in the rotation will keep me from getting any overuse injuries this year.

So, it’s been an exciting couple of weeks! I’m also racing (FINALLY!) for the first time this season in three weeks at the Culpeper International Triathlon. I still haven’t run a 10k since coming back from the injury, but I’m close, so I am really hopeful about the race and improving on my time from last year.


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