Despite the fact that I have been slacking in posting my cooking updates, I have kept up with my cooking resolution, much to my own surprise!

Two weeks ago I made Feed Zone “Orzo with Dried Fruit” for breakfast. It’s basically orzo and almond milk, with dried currants and slivered almonds. It was really (really) delicious and I am planning to make it again this week. It thickened up quite a bit after I took my picture and did look more like the one in the book. Just thinking about it makes me happy! Can’t wait to make it again after Masters tomorrow!


Last week, I tried the Feed Zone “Pasta with Smoked Salmon” although I made it with baked salmon, instead of smoked. That one was okay, but I had some technical difficulties with the yogurt sauce separating during cooking. I still ate it, but it was not blog-worthy, unfortunately. I am going to have to try to make that one again and focus a bit more on the sauce.

Today, I made Feed Zone “Ham and Cheese Burritos” with rice and scrambled eggs. Loved them (!) and will definitely make them again! Plus, you can freeze them, which is amazing because I buy A LOT of frozen burritos! Here is the photo:


So far so good with cooking at least one thing a week! Next on my list is trying one of the Feed Zone rice cake recipes. I’m thinking blueberry chocolate chip. Stay tuned!

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