Mont Tremblant

Yesterday, I should have started a road trip to Canada for Ironman Mont Tremblant 70.3, which is this weekend. I registered for the race last summer and used it as motivation to get myself out of bed for workouts all winter long.

Unfortunately, while training for the New York City Marathon last year, my IT band started bothering me on long runs. I kept pushing through the pain as much as possible, which I now realize was a mistake. Of course, New York was canceled because of Hurricane Sandy, so I registered for the Richmond Marathon last minute and things with the IT band reached their breaking point during that race. I could barely walk to the finish line (the end of that race is all downhill, which anyone with an IT band issue knows is the worst possible scenario). I hobbled over the finish line and immediately went to medical tent.

That was November of 2012, and from that point through April of this year, I couldn’t run. I tried everything – cortisone shots, weeks of physical therapy, dry needling, foam rolling, an entire month of rest – and nothing worked. I couldn’t even run a half mile without pain.

Finally, on the advice of my coach, Andi, I tried Active Release Technique (ART) and that finally did the trick. It’s magic! I really don’t even understand how it works, but it does!

Unfortunately, at this point, It was already April and I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to build up from zero mileage to 13.1 miles by Mont Tremblant in June. So, I had to withdraw from the race.

It’s really sinking in now that I should be on my way to Canada for my first 70.3. And, it sucks. It really sucks.

But, I’m trying to tell myself that this whole ordeal will actually make me a better runner and stronger athlete in the long run. And, it is going to mean so much more to me when I finally can cross the finish line at my first half.

So, I am off for a four mile run now and already thinking about how awesome next summer’s 70.3 is going to be!


6 thoughts on “Mont Tremblant

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  5. Sorry to hear that, but I do appreciate you sharing what worked. I’m a ITBS sufferer for 2+years now, it comes/goes. I’m an ultra runner, and had the last 22 miles of a 50mile race ran with a bad flareup. FRUSTRATING!!!

    I’m training for a 100m race now and am in the midst of a flareup, I was contemplating Dry Needling or ART…but really the evidence of what is best isn’t easy to find. My coach says ART, my running partner says Dry Needling…both do not suffer from ITBS so I’m hoping to share you experience and have just registered for a dry needling session.

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