Feed Zone

This weekend, I FINALLY bought the Feed Zone cookbook! I’ve been wanting to get it for a while and finally pulled the trigger this weekend.


Lots of things look yummy, but I decided I wanted to start with something totally out of the ordinary for me. So, I made the buffalo (yes, as in buffalo meat) and sweet potato tacos.

I took the cookbook to Whole Foods to get all of my ingredients.


For this recipe, you make two separate fillings, which you combine in the taco and top with fresh cilantro. One of the fillings is buffalo, seasonings, and peas, while the other is sweet potato, onion, and bell pepper.


The only real issue I had (other than almost making the dreaded tablespoon vs. teaspoon mistake with chili powder!) was that the sweet potato didn’t stay as firm and neatly cubed as in the photo in the book. Sweet potatoes are soft, so when you cube them and cook them, they get a little mushy. I also used whole wheat tortillas instead of corn, because I am not a huge fan of corn tortillas (something about the consistency). Here is the final product:


Mushy sweet potatoes and all, they were delicious and definitely something I would make again! Hopefully this will be good fuel for the very busy week ahead!


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